Washer & Dryer Repair

Homeowners are really in trouble if their washer/dryer breaks. Luckily, Apex Appliance Service is available to help if your San Diego home has a leaking washing machine, a dryer not drying or a noisy washer that needs some attention. We’ve been proudly serving the San Diego community for 15 years and we are renowned for our solid repair jobs. We repair washer/dryer combinations of all types and manufacturers.

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Models We Service

Our washer and dryer repair technicians work on all makes and models. We service a long list of major and high-end brands.

  • Front Load Washers
  • Top Load Washers
  • High-Efficiency Washers
  • Traditional Washers
  • Gas & Electric Dryers

Washer & Dryer Repairs

When your washer won’t wash or your dryer won’t dry, laundry can pile up fast. We service all common problems.

  • Washer Won't Start
  • Washer Loud When Spinning
  • Washer Won't Agitate
  • Dryer Takes Too Long
  • Dryer Not Heating Up

Maintenance Tip

If your dryer takes two or more cycles to fully dry clothes, you may need to clena your dryer vent.

  • Unplug dryer
  • Clean lint trap thoroughly
  • Disconnect dryer vent from wall
  • Vacuum/brush out excess lint
  • Replace dryer vent and dryer
At Apex, we educate and train all of our technicians on up-to-date washer/dryer makes, models, manufacturers, and types. There isn’t a washer/dryer out there that we can’t fix. If you need an electric dryer repair, gas dryer repair or even a dryer vent repair, we’ll send someone out right away. A dryer not heating is no good to anyone. It might be something straightforward like a dryer vent cleaning that is required or it could be more. Whatever the issue, our technicians will get to the bottom of it.
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