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Is your refrigerator not running? If so, you know you need to act fast. That’s where our refrigerator repair San Marcos technicians come in! We work on all major makes and models. Whether your unit won’t cool, runs loud, or anything in between, our experts have the training and experience to fix it fast.

Contact Apex Appliance Service for quality refrigerator repair in San Marcos today. We’ll find a convenient appointment time that works well for you. Our technician will perform tests then provide an accurate diagnosis and repair.

Refrigerator Repair San Marcos Experts

Common Models

Our local experts work on a variety of major and high-end models from a long list of brands. A few common configurations:

Common Repairs

Don’t let a broken refrigerator or ice maker ruin your day. We fix common and not-so-common problems every day, including:

Maintenance Tip

When’s the last time you cleaned the condenser coils on your refrigerator? Clean them 2-3 times per year to prevent issues.

San Marcos Refrigerator Repair for Top Brands

Why spend hours scouring the internet for a refrigerator repair San Marcos company that services your particular brand? There’s no need! As you can see from the list below, we work on a wide variety of luxury and standard brand refrigerators.

From Sub-Zero refrigerator repair to Whirlpool ice maker service, our local refrigerator repair San Marcos experts do it all. Don’t see your brand listed here? Chances are we can still help you, so contact us today or request an appointment online. We look forward to getting your refrigerator running again. 

Factory Authorized By the Manufacturer

Other Brands We Service

Brand Spotlight: Sub-Zero Refrigeration

We Are Your Sub-Zero Repair San Marcos Experts!

Sub-Zero has earned its reputation as the industry’s best luxury refrigerator brand. Their classic stainless steel look along with their beautiful integrated models set the standard that all other residential refrigerators imitate but never replicate.

Even the best high-end refrigerators, freezers, and ice makers can develop have though. That’s where we come in! We provide the best Sub-Zero repair San Marcos has to offer for all models and configurations including side-by-side, french door, and built-in units. 

Is your Sub-Zero refrigerator not cooling properly? Do you have a Sub-Zero refrigerator not making ice? No matter the problem, the expert technicians at Apex Appliance Service are standing by, so contact us today!

Refrigerator Troubleshooting Tips

How do I change the water filter in my Viking built-in refrigerator?

It’s recommended that you replace Viking refrigerator water filters every 6 months, or when prompted. A dirty water filter can lead to bad tasting water and ice.
Here’s How to Replace the Filter:

A clean water filter can even help you avoid ice maker repairs in the future.

Still having problems after replacing the water filter? Contact our refrigerator repair San Marcos team today.

Refrigerator Not Cooling Properly?

If your refrigerator is not cooling properly, there could be many things causing the problem. Here are some potential causes when your refrigerator is warm inside.

Dirty Condenser Coils:
If your refrigerator won’t get cold, it may be a sign that your condenser coils are dirty. Condenser coils are responsible for dissipating heat, and it’s difficult for your refrigerator to maintain cool temperatures if the coils are covered in debris.

Broken Evaporator Fan Motor
An evaporator fan motor failure can also prevent your refrigerator from cooling. This fan draws air over the evaporator coils and circulates it through the compartments.  A broken motor can leave your model unable to cool. 

Defective Start Relay: 
Another potential reason your refrigerator is not cooling could be a defective start relay. The start relay works together with the start winding to start the refrigerator’s compressor. If the relay is defective, the compressor will not work properly. 

Broken Start Capacitor: 
If your refrigerator is not cooling when it starts up, the issue could be caused by a faulty start capacitor.  The start capacitor provides power to the compressor to start running. If the capacitor fails, the compressor will not turn on. 

Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working?

There are many potential reasons that your refrigerator water dispenser is not working. These are some of the common malfunctions:

Frozen Water Tube:
A frozen water tube could be behind your refrigerator water dispenser not working. If 
the freezer temperature drops below 0°F, it may cause the water supply tube to freeze. Try disconnecting the tube at the bottom of the door and blowing air through it. 

Defective Water Inlet Valve
A broken refrigerator water dispenser could be a sign that your water inlet valve has failed. The inlet valve opens to supply water to the dispenser. If the valve is defective, water will not reach the dispenser or ice maker assemblies.

Low Water Pressure: 
Your home’s water pressure may be a potential cause of your water dispenser issue. The water inlet valve requires 20 psi of pressure to open and allow in water. Check your house’s water flow and pressure to make sure it is reaching that number.

Defective Dispenser Switch: If your dispenser is not working properly, a defective dispenser switch may be the cause. This switch sends voltage to the dispenser when engaged. If the switch is broken, the dispenser will not get power it needs to function properly.

Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working?

When your refrigerator ice maker is not working, it may be caused by one of the following common problems.

High Freezer Temperature:
The temperature of your freezer could be why your ice maker isn’t working.
The ideal freezer temperature zone between 0°-10°F. If the temperature is higher than 10°F, the ice maker will not make ice cubes efficiently. 

Broken Water Inlet Valve: 
If your ice maker is not working properly, the water inlet valve may be broken. This valve opens to supply the ice maker with water. If it is breaks or malfunctions it will not open or allow any water inside.

Defective Ice Maker Assembly: 
A broken ice maker assembly could be behind your ice maker not working properly. If the ice maker assembly or any of its inner components fail, the refrigerator may not make ice. In this situation, the assembly will need to be replaced by an ice maker repair expert like our technicians here at Apex. 

Clogged Water Filter: 
If your refrigerator water filter hasn’t been replaced in a while, it will get dirty and possibly even clogged. A clogged water filter prevents water from reaching the ice maker assembly. We recommend replacing your refrigerator water filter at least once every six months. This will help prevent failures and keep your water fresh.

Refrigerator Is Noisy or Louder Than Normal?

If your refrigerator runs loud or is making unusual noises, one of these common issues may be to blame.

Broken Compressor:
A noisy refrigerator may be a sign that the compressor is failing. Although a noisy compressor can last for several years, it’s a good idea to have it professionally replaced to avoid an unexpected breakdown.

Fan Blade Obstruction 
If there’s a loud sound coming from your refrigerator, there may be debris obstructing the fan blades. 
Attempt to spin the blade by hand. If the fan doesn’t turn freely, clean the blades and remove any debris.

Evaporator Fan Motor:
If your refrigerator noise is louder when the door is open, the issue may be a faulty evaporator fan motor. Since the motor is located inside the freezer behind the panel, the noise tends to be more pronounced with the door open. If the motor is noisy, we recommend having it replaced.

Faulty Water Inlet Valve:
If your refrigerator is making loud noises when the ice maker is filling, the water inlet valve may be defective. Mineral deposits can accumulate in the valve over time to the point that it becomes restricted and even noisy when engaged. A broken water valve will need to be replaced by a refrigerator service technician.

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