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Do you have a pile of dirty dishes in the sink because your dishwasher is broken? Then you need a dishwasher repair San Diego expert to fix the problem fast.

We understand what a pain it can be to search for the best dishwasher repair in San Diego. That’s why the Apex Appliance Service experts make it easy for you. We work on all makes, models, and common problems. With years of experience, there’s virtually no dishwasher we can’t fix!

Our local experts can often diagnose and repair your dishwasher in as little as one visit. How is this possible? We keep our service vehicles stocked with all the most common dishwasher repair parts. Faster repairs means less time waiting around for you.

Dishwasher Repair San Diego Experts

Popular Models

Believe it or not, there are several different types of dishwashers available today. And we fix them all:

Common Repairs

Our dishwasher repair San Diego team works on a long list of common problems:

Maintenance Tip

You may have a dishwasher door gasket issue if you notice water on the floor or if the door won’t shut.

San Diego Dishwasher Repair on Top Brands

With over 15 years of dishwasher repair San Diego experience, we’re your go-to for luxury and standard brand repairs. Our team participates in annual training to stay educated on the latest technology and repair knowledge.

We service a long list of dishwasher brands like LG, Whirlpool, Bosch, Samsung, Miele, and more. Don’t see your brands listed below, please give us a call. There’s a good chance our local experts can still help.

Factory Authorized By the Manufacturer

Other Brands We Service

How do you reset a Bosch dishwasher?

If you need to reset a Bosch dishwasher, follow these steps:

The reset feature is typically marked with an asterisk and the word ‘Reset’. You may need to use the reset button to clear an error message, reactivate the display, or change a setting in the middle of a wash cycle.

If resetting your Bosch dishwasher doesn’t solve the problem, contact our dishwasher repair San Diego experts for help.

Local dishwasher repair in San Diego is just a phone call or click away!

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