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HVAC failures can mean disaster for a homeowner. If your AC or heater isn’t fixed properly, the consequences can be miserable. At Apex Appliance Service, we’re your turnkey solution to all your common HVAC problems.

Should you be in the unfortunate situation where you have an AC blowing hot air, a noisy HVAC system or even a broken thermostat, give Apex a call. We’ll send our speedy technicians right over to fix your problem.

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Expert Service

Our HVAC repair team is fully equipped to diagnose, test, and repair HVAC units of all manufacturer types. We’ve recently increased our education and skill training to meet the needs of the growing number of HVAC manufacturers. As an appliance repair company, we specialize in air conditioning repair: from an air conditioning leak to fixing warm air conditioning to adding air conditioning Freon – we have you covered.

HVAC Repairs

A broken air conditioner or heater can ruin your day. Luckily, our local HVAC repair San Diego technicians work on a variety of common problems, including:

Maintenance Tip

Clean your air conditioner coils to keep your HVAC unit running efficiently. Never use a pressure washer , as this could damage the condenser fins.

At Apex, we have highly skilled, qualified, and state licensed HVAC technicians that take pride in what they do. They’re all interested in HVAC systems and technology, and stay up to date on everything there is to know about the industry. After our technicians complete your repair, they’ll top your unit off with Freon if it’s needed and give you tips on how you can prevent problems from occurring again.
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