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For Encinitas residents, Apex Appliance Service is your go-to stove repair company. We have the team to do any job from gas stove repair to pellet stove repair and everything in between. All of our service technicians are trained, experienced, and licensed professionals who know how to get the job done. From electric stove repair to solving pellet stove problems, our 15 years of service in Encinitas will ensure the job is completed properly.

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Is your garbage disposal clogged? A garbage disposer repair can be tricky to fix yourself, but at Apex, we have the skills and knowledge to get it fixed. We’ve implemented training and education programs to ensure we know everything there is to know about appliances. We have advanced knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and electronic aspects of appliances. Garbage disposals are no different. Whatever the problem may be with your garbage disposal, we will fix it.

Garbage Disposal Repairs

Our refrigerator repair technicians work on all common and not-so-common repairs. Whether your refrigerator is too warm or won’t defrost, we can help.

Maintenance Tip

Your garbage disposal is not actually made to handle everything you throw its way. There are a few foods you should not put down your garbage disposal. Here are a few disposal no-gos:

Apex garbage disposal repair technicians in Encinitas are all fully licensed. We always arrive on time and present ourselves in a professional manner to diagnose and fix your garbage disposal’s problem. Our technicians always provide you with an honest, upfront estimate with no hidden costs or fees. And when the repair is completed we’ll give you advice on how not to let it happen again.
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