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Though a testimony to stability, your top-of-the-line Sub-Zero refrigerator can undergo the rare functionality fumble. If it shorts out the day after your weekly grocery store run, it’s especially crucial to pause the panic and act fast.  We understand the Sub-Zero brand as much as we understand the need for quick, reliable Sub-Zero refrigerator repair that can get you and your family back to life.

You wouldn’t seek amateur medical attention for a broken arm, so why trust a cut-rate repair person for a refrigerator mishap? Serving San Diego County for over 20 years, our 5-Star rated service from highly-skilled technicians can restore your faith in appliances.

In addition to your free service call, we offer same day or next day service, military and senior discounts, and $10 off your appliance repair. If you think we’re all bark and no bite, let us prove you wrong by getting the job done right. Call Apex Appliance Service for your Sub-Zero refrigerator repair needs.

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Common Sub-Zero Repair Problems

Although your body catching a common cold may be an infrequent occurrence, it still happens. Just like the healthiest immune system requires a medical diagnosis, the most capable brand beckons the periodical touch-up. Whether your refrigerator refuses to defrost or you come into contact with a stubborn water dispenser, you want the best FOR the best. Trust the experts at Apex Appliance Service to answer your Sub-Zero refrigerator repair concerns. Some common refrigerator repair issues include the following.

Don’t hesitate to call Apex Appliance Service for reliable Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair in Encinitas!

How to Clean Sub-Zero Undercounter Refrigerator Coils

A Step-by-Step Guide

Even though a Sub-Zero undercounter refrigerator is smaller than a full-size model, it still requires the regular maintenance all refrigerators need to function optimally. Specifically, consistent condenser coil cleaning can go a long way in preserving a Sub-Zero refrigerator’s superior function. We’ll review how to clean Sub-Zero undercounter refrigerator coils with simple steps that make the job crystal clear.

Condenser coils play a vital role in your refrigerator’s function by dissipating heat from the refrigerant as it flows through the coils. Once cooled, the refrigerant can then produce cool air for the refrigerator. If the condenser coils are covered in dust and debris, they won’t be able to dissipate heat as efficiently. This can overwork the condenser, leading to cooling issues and possible breakdowns.

So how often to clean undercounter refrigerator condenser coils to avoid these outcomes? Sub-Zero recommends cleaning the condenser coils every 3-6 months.

Signs you need to clean undercounter refrigerator coils: 

  • The “Service” or “Vacuum Condenser” light is flashing on the control panel
  • Your refrigerator’s condenser runs constantly
  • The refrigerator can’t maintain a cool temperature

This first step in how to clean Sub-Zero undercounter refrigerator coils is all about safety. Since coil cleaning shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, your refrigerator will still stay cold while you work.

If your refrigerator has a control panel, press the POWER button to turn the unit off. If your model refrigerator doesn’t have a control panel, turn the control knob all the way down to OFF.

The condenser coils for undercounter models are located behind a kick plate grille at the bottom of the refrigerator. To access the coils, remove the screws on each side of the kick plate with a screwdriver. The kick plate grille should then slide forward, allowing you to easily reach the condenser coils.

With a soft bristle brush attachment and vacuum, gently clean the condenser coils to remove all visible dust and lint. Clean Sub-Zero undercounter condenser coils by vacuuming in the direction of the coils to avoid damaging them. Be sure to include the floor and the area around the coils as well. If you don’t have a vacuum with a soft bristle brush attachment, a paintbrush or can of condensed air can also be used.

Some model refrigerators have a protective screen around the condenser that can’t be removed. This screen can also be vacuumed with the soft bristle brush attachment. If dust is trapped behind the screen, a can of condensed air can help blow away dust and lint.

Reposition the kick plate grille and secure the screws in place. Press the power button to turn the refrigerator back on or turn the control knob back to your desired setting. It may take the refrigerator up to 24 hours to reach its selected temperature again.

If you clean Sub-Zero under counter refrigerator coils and still feel your refrigerator isn’t functioning optimally, it may require a repair. Call Apex Appliance to schedule a service call.