Why Is My Thermador Range Burner Clicking: Troubleshooting Guide

thermador gas range clicking noise

Thermador range burners are renowned for their superior power and even heating ability. However, even these high quality burners can occasionally fail to ignite despite repeated clicking. We’ll troubleshoot the most common reasons for Thermador range burner clicking, including dirty or misaligned burners and faulty components.

Thermador Range Burner Clicking Explained: Common Causes and Solutions

Given the high-level construction of these ranges, it’s rare that a malfunction causes Thermador range burner clicking. Our troubleshooting guide can help determine if a simple adjustment or professional repair will solve the problem.

Thermador Range Burners are Dirty

Sometimes a good cleaning is all that’s needed when your Thermador range igniter keeps clicking. If the burner ports are blocked with grease, oil or food debris, gas will be unable to flow freely. In this instance, the igniter will keep clicking as it attempts to light the gas, though none is present to ignite.

These simple cleaning steps can stop Thermador range burner clicking:

  1. Remove grates and burner caps
  2. Wash caps with hot soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge
  3. Rinse and dry thoroughly
  4. Wipe down burner base with hot water, mild dish detergent, and a soft cloth
  5. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub burner ports
  6. Wipe igniters with a Q-tip dipped in water
  7. Reassemble burner caps and replace grates

Thermador Range Burners are Damp

If you just cleaned the burners and your range won’t stop clicking, lingering moisture may still keep them from lighting. Leftover water, detergent, or even cooking spills can prevent the igniter from lighting the gas. A damp igniter can result in repeated Thermador range clicks when burner turned off as well.

Damp burner components may need more time to air dry. However, if time is limited, you can gently blot the igniter and burner base with a dry paper towel to absorb lingering moisture. Turning on the oven for 30 minutes at 350℉ can also hasten drying from the inside out.

Thermador Range Burners are Misaligned

After cleaning and replacing your burners it’s important to make sure they’re repositioned correctly. Misaligned burners can cause a Thermador gas range clicking noise if the cap is interfering with the igniter. Make sure the burner is completely cool, remove the grate, and realign the burner cap by centering it on the base.

Thermador Range Burner Components are Faulty

When a gas range clicks constantly even after these interventions it’s possible a faulty component is responsible.

The following parts can cause Thermador range burner clicking when they fail:

  • Spark Module: The spark module provides the electronic voltage for the igniter to spark the gas. If the spark module can’t provide the electricity the igniter needs, the burner won’t be able to light.
  • Spark Ignition Switch: An ignition switch is attached to each burner control knob. When the knob is turned to the “Lite” position the switch signals the spark module to provide electricity to the igniter. Since all the ignition switches are wired together, if one malfunctions, they are usually all affected.
  • Igniter: This vital component is a ceramic-covered electrode that produces a spark when it receives electricity. This spark is what ignites the gas and lights the burner. If the igniter or its covering is damaged, it can fail to produce a spark and the burner won’t ignite.

We recommend that a professional service assess and replace these components if a malfunction is suspected.

The Thermador range experts at Apex Appliance Service can help with any assessment or repair. Call us for experienced and professional assistance!

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