Disposal Maintenance Tips 5 Smelly Garbage Disposal Solutions

Smelly Garbage Disposal Solutions

If you’re like most people, the garbage disposal is one of those appliances in your home that you don’t think about until it starts giving you problems. And when it does start giving you problems, it’s usually a smelly one! This guide goes over five smelly garbage disposal solutions. Hopefully, at least one of them will work for you and answer, “Why does my garbage disposal stink?”

5 Smelly Garbage Disposal Solutions to Get Rid of the Stink

If your garbage disposal is starting to stink, let’s learn how to clean a garbage disposal that smells.

1. Check Disposal for Clogs

One of the first smelly garbage disposal solutions is to check for clogs. If there is something stuck in the disposal, it can cause a nasty smell. To check for clogs, unplug the disposal first, then use a long pair of tongs to reach down into the disposal.

Be careful not to put your hand in, as the blades can be sharp. If you feel something stuck, try to remove it with the tongs. If you can’t get it out, you may need to call a plumber. If there are no clogs in your disposal, move on to the next solution.

2. Let the Disposal Soak in Soapy Water

Plug the drain and fill your sink with hot water and a squirt of dish soap. Let the disposal soak for about 15 minutes, then turn it on and let it run for a few minutes. After that, turn off the disposal and use a brush to scrub the visible areas. Finally, run hot water down the disposal for a few minutes to rinse everything away.

how to clean a garbage disposal that smells

3. Use Ice and Salt to Clean the Disposal

You can use ice and salt to clean your disposal and get rid of any lingering smells. First, fill the sink with cold water and add a few cups of ice. Then, add a half cup of salt and turn on the disposal. Let it run for a few minutes, then turn off the disposal and let the ice melt. Finally, flush the disposal with cold water for a few minutes.

4. Garbage Disposal Deodorizing Tips

Baking soda and vinegar are a great way to deodorize your disposal. First, pour half a cup of baking soda into the disposal. Then, add half a cup of vinegar and let the mixture sit for about 15 minutes. After that, turn on the disposal and let it run for a few minutes.

Finally, add a few lemon peels to the disposal and let it run for a minute or two. If you don’t have any lemons, you can also use orange or lime peels. Just be sure to avoid using any type of citrus peel if your disposal is made of aluminum, as it can cause corrosion. Rinse everything away with hot water.

Garbage disposal maintenance

How to Keep Odors from Returning

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the bad smell, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t come back. Here are a few garbage disposal maintenance tips to help keep your disposal smelling fresh.

• Avoid putting any starchy or sugary foods down the disposal, as they can cause bacteria to grow and lead to smells.

• Run cold water for 30 seconds before and after using the disposal to help keep food from sticking to the sides.

• Add a few drops of lemon oil or essential oils to the disposal once a week to help keep it smelling fresh.

• Clean the disposal regularly with soapy water, vinegar, and baking soda.

Once you’ve tried one or more of these smelly garbage disposal solutions, your garbage disposal should be smelling much better! While you’re here take a look at our dishwasher cleaning tips, and if you’re having any issues with your garbage disposal these tips don’t fix, call the top-rated garbage disposal repair team at Apex Appliance Service!

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