Why Is My Front Load Samsung Washing Machine Leaking Water?

samsung washing machine leaking

While front load washers are capable of superior cleaning power and efficiency, leaks are a common downside. Why is my front load Samsung washing machine leaking water? Kinked or damaged hoses may cause leaks from the bottom of the machine. Determine the most common causes for a Samsung front load washer leaking water with these troubleshooting tips.

Is Your Samsung Washing Machine Leaking? Here’s What To Do.

As alarming as washer leaks can be, most have a simple DIY fix. Here’s how to pinpoint the source of a Samsung washing machine leaking water and implement the right solution.

Leaking From Water Hose

A common reason for a front load washing machine leaking water is poor hose connections. The water inlet hoses deliver hot and cold water to the washer from your home supply while the drain hose expels used water from the tub. When any of these hoses leak from their connection points, water will accumulate behind or underneath the washer.

Check the hose connections at the washer, your home water supply, and standpipe, making sure they’re properly installed and secure. Disconnect the water inlet hoses from the washer and make sure the o-rings in the hose ends are intact. If any of the connection points or o-rings appear damaged, they require replacement.

Washer Hose Kinked or Damaged

Why is water leaking from the bottom of my washing machine? Kinked or damaged hoses can cause leaks beneath the washer. After inspecting the hose connections, check the water inlet and drain hoses for cracks or holes that can leak water. Also, look for kinks that can damage the hose or restrict water flow. While a damaged hose must be replaced, kinks may be resolved by disconnecting the hose and gently straightening it.

samsung front load washer leaking

Machine Is Not Level

If your washing machine isn’t level it can also result in a Samsung washing machine leaking water. All Samsung washers have adjustable leveling legs that must sit evenly on the floor. If you can rock your washer back and forth, the legs aren’t level and require adjusting.

Follow these steps to adjust Samsung washer leveling legs:

  1. Loosen the locking nuts with a wrench.
  2. Turn the leg counterclockwise to raise it. To lower the leg, turn it counterclockwise.
  3. Once the washer is level, with all four legs resting evenly on the floor, tighten the locking nuts to lock the legs in position.

Obstructed Washer Door

Front load washers have a rubber boot around the front opening that creates a tight seal, preventing leaks during operation. However, a Samsung door boot seal can also be a catchall for debris such as hair, coins and small articles of clothing. These obstructions can compromise the seal, causing leaks from the door.

Peel back the door boot and inspect it for obstructions that could interfere with its seal. Remove any items and wipe down the boot to remove lingering residue. Regular use of the washer self cleaning feature can lessen the amount of debris, preventing door obstructions and leaks.

samsung front load washer leaking water from door

Exceeding Washing Machine Capacity

Overloading the washer beyond its capacity can also result in a Samsung front load washer leaking water from door. Washing too many items or several bulky ones can put pressure on washer parts, causing leaks from the door or other areas. Repeatedly exceeding the washer’s capacity can even cause malfunctions that require the help of a Samsung appliance service

Check your user manual to determine the capacity for your model washer and refrain from going over it when loading the machine. In general, it’s best to only load the washer ¾ of the way full to ensure that it can wash, spin and drain appropriately.

Leaky Detergent Dispenser

When you find your Samsung front load washer leaking water from soap dispenser there’s likely a detergent issue. Using too much or the wrong type of detergent results in an excess of suds in the dispenser that can block water flow and cause leaks. Blockages and leaks can also be caused by a buildup of detergent residue in the dispenser.

Follow these tips to stop and prevent dispenser leaks:

  • Run an empty wash cycle: Complete a wash cycle without clothes or detergent to rid the dispenser of suds. It may be necessary to run several cycles to eliminate the excess detergent.
  • Clean the dispenser: Remove the detergent dispenser and rinse it under running water to remove residue. Use a paper towel to wipe down the dispenser housing before replacing.
  • Always use HE detergent: This type of detergent is formulated for minimal sudsing to work best with front load washers.
  • Measure detergent accurately: Refer to the package instructions when adding detergent and measure accurately. Avoid exceeding the MAX line in the detergent drawer.

Is your Samsung washing machine leaking even after these DIY tips? It may be time for a professional assessment. Schedule an expert washing machine repair with Apex Appliance Service.

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