Samsung Washer Self Clean Feature FAQs

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A washer’s self clean feature can be a valuable tool in preventing the moldy buildup that plagues many machines. To ensure proper use of this helpful feature, our washing machine experts answer some common questions about your Samsung washer Self Clean setting. From how it works to how often it should be used, we’ve got all your questions answered.

Signs You Need to Clean Your Washing Machine

Even though your washer gets clothes clean the process of washing can be a dirty business. Leftover dirt and suds can create a breeding ground for mold and mildew in the washer’s warm, moist environment. These signs may indicate the presence of mold or mildew and the need for a cleaning:

  • Washer smells bad 
  • Visible mold in washing machine 
  • Washed clothes have a moldy odor or dingy appearance 
  • Washer’s Self Clean reminder is illuminated on the control panel

Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Washer Self Clean Cycle

It can be distressing to know that mold and mildew have infiltrated your washing machine. Fortunately, a Samsung washer Self Clean cycle can banish these smelly byproducts and ensure that your washer stays clean and fresh. Here’s everything you need to know to use this cycle correctly.

How Does Samsung Washer Self Clean Feature Work?

To eliminate dirt and residue, the Samsung washer Self Clean feature first soaks the tub in water to loosen any accumulated dirt. Next, it spins the tub at high speeds to detach dirt and mold and rinse it away.

Should you add detergent to Self Clean Samsung washer function? No, neither detergent, bleach nor any other cleaning products are necessary to aid the Self Clean setting. 

How Do You Start the Samsung Washer Self Clean Cycle?

Before starting the Self Clean setting, make sure your washer tub is empty. Then, press Power, followed by the Self Clean button. 

If you need to reset Samsung self-cleaning washer cycle at any time the washer must be disconnected from its power source. Unplug the washing machine or flip its circuit breaker in your home’s circuit breaker box. Wait 5-10 minutes before restoring power to reset the cycle.

Samsung washer self clean
Image: GearShots via YouTube

How Long Does Samsung Washing Machine Self Clean Take?

The length of a Self Clean cycle varies based on your model washer. Front loading Samsung washers have a 4 hour Self Clean cycle while the cycle for top-loading machines lasts 1 hour.

How Often Should You Use Self Clean Feature on Samsung Washer?

It’s recommended that you run a Samsung Self Clean setting on a monthly basis to prevent an overgrowth of mold and mildew. 

However, the Self Clean indicator will illuminate sooner with more frequent use. In front loading machines the Self Clean indicator light will illuminate after 40 washes. The Self Clean reminder will illuminate after 20 washes in a top loading machine. 

Proper use of your Samsung Self Clean feature can maximize your washer’s performance and keep mold and mildew at bay. Is your washer’s performance not up to par? Give Apex Appliance Service a call to address any issue or concern.

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