is the encinitas dog park open

Dog Friendly Beaches Encinitas – And Parks Too!

If staying inside has driven you stir crazy, you can bet your dog feels the same way too. However, if walks around the neighborhood just …

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should you add detergent to self clean samsung washer

Samsung Washer Self Clean Feature FAQs

A washer’s self clean feature can be a valuable tool in preventing the moldy buildup that plagues many machines. To ensure proper use of this …

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viking range faqs

Viking Ranges – Cost, Lifespan, Colors? FAQs Answered.

How long do Viking ranges last and how much do they cost? Viking ranges can last anywhere from 15 – 40 years. The average cost, depending on the model you choose, ranges from $4,000 – $20,000.

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no ice comes out of refrigerator

Why is My Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice?

An icy cold beverage can be something we take for granted, never knowing how much until we find our ice maker not working. So how …

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how often to clean undercounter refrigerator condenser coils

How to Clean Sub-Zero Undercounter Refrigerator Coils

Even though a Sub-Zero undercounter refrigerator is smaller than a full-size model, it still requires the regular maintenance all refrigerators need to function optimally. Specifically, …

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