sub zero refrigerator leaks water

5 DIY Tips for a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Leaking Water

A leaky Sub-Zero refrigerator can be a surprise, given the brand’s superior construction and performance. Fortunately, most leaks are quickly identified with a straightforward cause. …

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how do i get my front load washer to stop smelling

Why Your Maytag Front Load Washer Smells Bad

Though greater efficiency and superior cleaning ability are the advantages of front load washers, bad smells are a common downside. What do you do if …

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electrolux dryer won't start

Why Is My Electrolux Dryer Not Starting?

A dryer that doesn’t turn on can leave more questions than answers, especially about what to do with wet laundry. Why is my Electrolux dryer …

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dishwasher leaves dishes wet
Appliance Tips

How to Fix a KitchenAid Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

Though they may be clean, a dishwasher that leaves dishes wet is only completing half its job. Wondering why is your KitchenAid dishwasher not drying? …

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dryer taking multiple cycles to dry
Appliance Tips

6 Reasons Why Your Frigidaire Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry

Long drying times can create a laundry backlog and throw off an entire day’s schedule. Why is my Frigidaire dryer not drying clothes as quickly? …

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Samsung refrigerator not cooling

5 Reasons Your Samsung Refrigerator Won’t Cool

Refrigerator cooling issues can worsen over time or sneak up on you in a matter of hours. Why is my Samsung refrigerator not cooling? Dirty …

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