4 Best Bike Trails in San Marcos, CA

san marcos bike paths

Living in San Marcos means year-round sunshine, beautiful mountain views and easy access to the ocean. And there’s no better way to enjoy these natural assets than through our city’s beautiful bike trails. From kid-friendly paths to mountain biking challenges, the best bike trails in San Marcos have something for everyone.

How to Enjoy the Best Bike Trails in San Marcos, CA

There’s a reason our city is better known as “San Parkos” to its residents; there are over 30 local parks to enjoy. But what parks have the best bike trails in San Marcos and which ones meet your preferences? Our favorite trails cover every distance, from one mile to over twenty, on both paved paths and rugged mountain terrain.

#1 Inland Rail Trail

Bike trails as a means for commuting are now every city’s focus, providing an environmentally-friendly way to go to and from work. When completed, the Inland Rail Trail will encompass 21 miles, connecting Oceanside to Escondido.

Fortunately, the San Marcos bike trail portion was completed in 2017, running 7 miles from our city to the Escondido Rail Station. This Class I trail is physically separate from motor vehicle traffic. Consequently, it’s paved, fenced, and landscaped, offering a smooth and safe riding option for commuters and recreational bikers alike. 

Location: Intersection of West Mission Road and North Pacific Street, San Marcos, CA
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best bike trails in San Marcos
Image: The San Diego Union-Tribune

#2 Abeja Loop Trail

This three-mile loop is renowned for its stunning vistas of the Santa Fe Hills. However, while it may be one of the most scenic biking trails, riders have to work for the view.

Though this trail is rated as moderate for mountain biking, the steep elevation and unpaved, rocky paths are not for the novice biker. This is one of the best bike trails in San Marcos for experienced mountain bikers who are looking for a quick but intense ride.

Location: The end of Las Posas Road, San Marcos, CA
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san marcos bike trail
Image: Darin Meyers via AllTrails

#3 Double Peak Trail

Beginning in Lakeview Park, the 3.9 mile Double Peak Trail offers additional challenges for mountain bikers. With paved paths and dirt roads that run alongside natural terrain and residential neighborhoods, it’s the constant elevation that provides a tough workout.

Wondering where to ride bikes in San Marcos for the best panoramic views? You’ll know you’re there once you hit Double Peak Park at the summit. Mountains, ocean, and the San Diego skyline are the reward for this satisfying climb.

Location: 900 Double Peak Drive, San Marcos, CA
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bike trails san marcos
Image: Hiking San Diego County

#4 Discovery Lake

Bike trails San Marcos don’t have to be an intense physical challenge. The Discovery Lake trail, also in Lakeview Park, offers a relaxing 1-mile ride around the park’s sparkling lake.

The smooth, level, paved route is one of the best San Marcos bike paths for young cyclists, offering peeks at local flowers and birds along the way. Meanwhile, the loop branches off at intervals to more elevated trail options, including Double Peak.

Location: 650 Foxhall Drive, San Marcos, CA
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where to ride bikes in San Marcos
Image: Tauna Hopkins via AllTrails

We hope the best bike trails in San Marcos offer a way for everyone to enjoy our beautiful natural surroundings on two wheels. From all of us at Apex Appliance Service, Happy Biking! 

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